Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics
Can I Really List Things for Free?
Yes!  Basic listings are completely FREE.  Sell your stuff, promote your business, sell your car or property, promote your yard sale or auction - all for free!  If you want to really make your ad stand out, you can choose to upgrade it for more features, or make it a "featured" listing for a tiny cost. You can review our Pricing page for additional information about Featured Listings and other upgrade options.

Do I Have to Register to Use the Site?
No. You can browse and search ads all day long without registering. Registering allows you to save time, remember your various preferences, save searches, maintain a "Favorites" list, and more.   If you want to create ads yourself, you will need to register. Registration is quick, easy, and completely FREE.

What Is Each Section of the Mocals Used For?
Directory - To advertise businesses & organizations
Classifieds - To buy, sell & trade items
Events - To promote your event or venue, including auctions, yard sales, concerts, etc.
Real Estate - To advertise real estate for sale or rent
Vehicles - To advertise vehicles for sale
Employment - To advertise job openings

What is a Saved Search and How Do I Do It?
A Saved Search is a convenient way to help you automatically find what you are looking for in the Mocals. When you use the Mocals' Search function to conduct a search for something based on criteria you specify, your search results are displayed. At the top of the search results, you will also see a button to "Save This Search."  If you save your search, you can receive periodic email notifications when something matches your search. You can also re-run your saved search any time from within your My Account area.

Firearms Listings
Can I List Firearms for Sale?

YES!  Unlike other classified ad services, or Facebook and Craiglist, etc,, the Mocals Marketplace is operated by freedom loving Americans who still believe in the protection of the rights and freedoms granted to all of us by God and the United States Constitution. You don't have to hide or use sneaky code words to sell a firearm or ammunition - list it and proudly show pictures of it!  Please note that you are required to do so responsibly, all items must be legal, and you must follow all applicable firearms laws and regulations. (Don't screw it up for everyone else!)  Mocals is not involved in the sale in any way and all sales are strictly between buyer and seller.

Report Fraud or Scams
How Do I Report a Scam Listing?
Nobody likes a scammer, and we have a zero tolerance policy for scams. If you discover or suspect a fraudulent listing or scam, report it to us for review. Every listing includes easy links to save a listing as a favorite, print it, or report it (a flag). To report a listing, click the flag, complete the brief report form and reason for your report, and submit it. We will promptly review the report and take any appropriate actions.

Creating & Managing Listings
What is the Difference Between a Basic Listing & Featured Listing?

A Basic Listing is free, and includes photos, brief description, etc. 
A Featured Listing receives increased exposure because Featured Listings appear before all Basic Listings. Featured Listings also include additional features. You can make your listing a Featured Listing for just a small fee.

Do I Have to Register to Create Listings?
Yes. You must be a registered user to create listings. Registration is fast, easy and completely free.

What Category Should I Put My Listing In?

Choose the category that best fits. Most main categories also have additional sub-categories that can be chosen to further categorize your listing. If your listing does not fit available sub-categories, simply add your listing under the most appropriate main category. We regularly add and refine categories and sub-categories to make buying and selling even faster and easier. You are welcome to submit suggestions for additional categories or subcategories.

Pricing & Payment
How Long Does a Listing Run?
Basic classifieds listings generally run for 30 days, unless sold or ended early, and can be re-run as often as needed. (Other sections, such as the Business Directory or Real Estate, have longer listing durations.)  Please see our Pricing page for additional information about listing upgrade options.

Can I Keep My Information Private?
Yes. You can easily update your personal privacy preferences from the My Account page. You can choose to keep your name, phone number, and/or email private.
If you choose to keep your information private, when your ad is displayed it will state: "This seller has chosen to remain private. You may contact this seller via anonymous email by clicking here." The prospective buyer completes a brief inquiry form and the system sends you an email notification without revealing your information to the prospective buyer.

What is Your Website Privacy Policy?

Please see our Privacy Policy for details.

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